Rug Services

Restore Your Oriental Rugs

Let the professionals at Shah Abbas Rug Gallery repair your old rug if you’re unable to find an exact replacement. We understand your attachment to your oriental rug and so provide you with excellent repair services. Rely on our staff to make your oriental rug look just like a new one!

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Repair Services for Common Issues:

  • Hand fringing
  • Repair moth damage and frays
  • Repair curled sides
  • Recoloring of worn areas

Exceptional Rug Cleaning

A rug is a key attraction in your room. Don’t allow it to become dull over a period of time. Contact Shah Abbas Rug Gallery today and let us clean your rug completely. Our staff not only hand washes your rugs but also performs a thorough cleaning and restoration.

Our Rug Cleaning Services

  • Hand-wash all rugs
  • Fan-dried to protect the quality
  • Remove dust from front and back sides
  • Perform tests to make sure rugs are washable
  • Use environmentally safe special formulated soaps

Rug Padding and Appraisal

Rug pads provide a durable, long-lasting foundation. Keep your rugs in place and protect your floors from scratches and damage with carpet pads, rug grippers, and rug underlays by Shah Abbas Rugs.

Rug padding installation requires a specific technique to make sure the area rug does not become a trip hazard.

Trustworthy Staff to Perform Rug Appraisals

Since 1980, Shah Abbas Rug Gallery, has been offering comprehensive rug appraisals to any private owners, estate executors, and fiduciary advisors in Sarasota and surrounding areas.

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